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Who Are We?

GLOBAL TRADING & DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LTD is a company (holding of various business units) directed by a group of entrepreneurial professionals with vast experience in providing solutions to our customers in the areas of investment procurement and trading on an international scale.

We rely on the representations of suppliers located at national and international levels to facilitate the negotiations and operations of our clients, in order to guarantee an increase in sales and productivity. Business value is increased by simplifying the process of search and selection of suppliers, as well as by providing risk assessment and funding management.

We focus on meeting the needs of companies and investors around the world, in the field of international procurement, investments and real estate.

The Company

Be one of the leading companies in the world market by meeting the needs of our clients, becoming their best solution and main ally.
Facilitate the negotiations and operations of our clients in the area of procurement and investment, guaranteeing an increase in sales and productivity.

  • Working with the ethical values and principles present since our inception.
  • Searching for continuous quality and the improvement of our services.
  • Searching for competitiveness in order to achieve the continuity of operations well into the future.
  • Ensuring long term relationships with our employees, suppliers, and related affiliates.

What we offer
We offer procurement services, acting as partners to our customers throughout the process in order to better support them in the search for products and the coordination of the logistics required to meet their needs, including the import process when required.

  • Work in search of the required product, negotiating in terms of pricing and payment conditions.
  • Logistics and purchase management
  • Evaluation of investment projects
  • Channelling of financing.